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Nutritional Advising:


The food an athlete eats is what provides the building blocks for every structure in the body. During times in which the body is placed under high levels of physical stress, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that consists of whole foods will help to effectively fuel workouts and competition. Nutrition advice and guidelines will be available to any athlete who wishes to further enhance their training and aid in recovery to optimize physiological adaptations and on-ice performance. Information will include daily energy and macronutrient requirements based on personal levels of physical activity and body composition goals, hydration recommendations, education about healthy whole food choices, sample meal planning, and dietary supplement recommendations that will be tailored to the goals and demands of each athlete’s training program.

Cost: $200

            *Adjustments: $50

*Dietary needs will fluctuate as the physiological demands of training change throughout the season. Appropriate adjustments should be made to ensure that the body is being appropriately fueled to meet those demands and ensure that training adaptations are being optimized.

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